or (3) by the mere stretching or divulsion of the canal with
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1. Its mode of application beips apparpnt as well as simple, it can be
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stained, while the nuclei are not stained at all. If basic
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Sir William Jenner and Dr. Russell Reynolds at the Univer-
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into the background in scholastic medicine. Ever since the
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the si«e of the calves by very nearlv an inch, without any
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tion" secures each step as it is won, and so consolidates its
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the presence of a metal sound in the uretlira. Hcemorrhage
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amount of laborious research in this matter, had classified
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who is also President of the Society, and of other local men
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Ballance ; G. Buckston Browne ; John Cahill ; William Collier,
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versity teaching, a clinical lecture theatre is provided, the Medical
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been brought forward in his " Anatomia Hepatis, " published in
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will be restricted to its proper proportions and a new public
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about the size of a chestnut ; it springs by a broad base from
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clusion with the hospital authorities that he is to have it;
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modern professional life by a very old associate, who has made the sub-
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aflected the respiratory centre before the heart, but, when
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Sir William Flower, Sir Frederick Carden, the Rev. W. R.
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extending upwards into the trunk, associated with gastric
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They regarded the system not only as ineflicient, but they
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the century, entitled. /Vfu?/// ,4rf('?.Vra?7o». and Sl'nv Poisoning nnd Death
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pancreatic duct, and a retention cyst formed, which subse-
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Philpots. The patient had complained of severe pain in ber
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therefore about the same, and it is a suggestive circum-
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fluid is much more virulent, and considerably smaller doses
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the annual meeting to be held in June. Cards of admission
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three among them showed symptoms of tuberculosis. They
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being only occasionally interrupted by the hostile section. At
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The Health Committee of the Birkenhead Town Cciineil have decided to
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arteries also : we have not often found a clot in the portal vein. The
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President of the Council: AV. Withers Mooee, M.D., F.R.C.P.,
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and very tender: the nipple projected straight out, was hard,
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Guards, has left for Cairo to take up his appointment in the Egyptian
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Sir Arthur Watson, QC, and Mr. A. Koscoe appeared for the plaintiffs ;
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nary meetings, the reading of clinical memoranda on cases
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state, the bacilliferous fluid is an effective though somewhat
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(both men) of liemianopia, and made remarks on the condi-


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