appears, before the widely noticed plea of Mark Twain,
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4th, 183S. Is a native o( Scotland, but has been in America forty-three
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sequence of the ligaments being softened, and there was great latitude of
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instance, measles, chicken-pox, scarlet fever, whooping-
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Case 118. — Operator, Arthur Neve ; 1888. Dorsal region ; dura-
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small quantity of white curdy matter. No increase of these symptoms
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on this valuable work? It may be sufficient to remark that the estimable
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power to cure his patient without opening the cells.
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addicted to onanism, had the imprudence to pass a finger-ring over the penis,
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are variously estimated: Walsh*" gives it as 28 per
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"Fifth, that evacuations, vomiting and purging at least, may be resorted
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Notwithstanding the high degree of inflammation, absorption of the blood
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point a county health officer or jail physician during the tem-
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hypertrophy proceeds to a greater extent, and the disease might terminate
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was being Inserted. No colonies of plague bacilli developed In the
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15, 18, 26, 29, 32 and 33, as individuals usually called
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4. Roberts: Urinary and Henal Diseases, 4th ed.. p. 525.
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Echinococcus Cysts of the Liver in Children. • Bboca. —
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provisions that later shaped themselves with a riper experi-
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placed these requirements in the following order : 1. A
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The journal is worthy of special patronage, and we recommend it strongly
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cient, a surgeon or surgeons must accompany them on
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the secretaries are, by special resolution, requested to send fa»
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subject of diarrhoea, and that she had never complained of pain in the
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can Medical Colleges, and bis term as a member of the council
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what smaller than that given by Goltdammer and Martinet.
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sibly due to the use of fruit, though the case reported con-
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does not enter the body nor wound the skin, in consequence of the sloping
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appetite good ; feels better than she has done at any time for the last three
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not controversy with Dr. Clutterbuck, his opinions can only affect the unin-
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lished in the "Intelligencer" of the 2d April, have particularly attracted
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Subcutaneous and large naevi require repeated applications in order to effect


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