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tised his profession in those parts, and who made a specialty of corns, to give his
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fore the eyes. At one time, becoming quite delirious, partly due to the pains
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which he worked at home under the instruction of private tutors for
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Boston Homoeopathic Medical Society, of the subject of securing
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a success that has such a man at the helm. He stands
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sium (i in i,ooo). Washing out should be done with a
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go alone, and was welcomed everywhere. It was an experience
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bercle, or scrofula. Had the case been that of a child or youth,
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Dr. P. J. McCourt, an homoeopathic gynecologist of New
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first President, and in the same year assisted in organizing
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Sunday, 10 a.m. — Pulse full and bounding; face flushed;
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only a " craze of the faculties " would compel him to make the
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which in some reached 8 centimetres. Application of the
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ited from fifteen to twenty times a day for the first two or three
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over again in this connection (see the chapters on Acute and Chronic Endo-
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who by learning, dignity and strict conformity to correct standards of
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in the twenty-four hours), white gelatine in hypodermic in-
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of Pediatrics, January, 1898) ; "Tubercular Cervical Lymph Nodes,"
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connection with international medical congresses and with other
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often die from mere dread of dying, so a thousand facts prove
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bone as far as the interior of the cranium, and gouge or
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anaemia; but, according to my experience, they do not invariably appear. A
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of the splinters into fragments is shown by their transforma-
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.Contributions of original articles, correspondence, personal items, etc., should be sent to the publishers,
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himself to doing abdominal surgery, and he is at the pres-
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grandfather, and at the age of fourteen entered the University of
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sible to give a larger dose at one time, so that it need not be taken more than
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severe anaemias, we occasionally, if not always, find a remarkably large nitro-
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until about 3. Five minutes after, I was in the house and by
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Massachusetts, who served in the Revolutionary Army and was at
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the Town and Gown, Country, and the University. In religion he
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condition not usual in this disease. As to the delirium, it is com-
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aim and methods of work. As we read the facts so modestly
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tion ; less than twenty-four pages, out of the hundred and thirty-
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to some in a very short time, quinsies and imposthumations of
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staphylococcus and streptococcus infections as it is of polyarthritis. If, how-
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At the seat of the contusion the periosteum is involved
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and educational affairs, is one of the most prominent lay members


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