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In order to avoid delay, it is particularly requested that all letters on the
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others for less arduous, and less prolonged services, and re-
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in which to make them had to be fitted up. It is probable
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urine, lying within renal cells and resembling in all resp< c s
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separate fine ligature as affording additional safeguards from
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not being accentuated. It is mcister than its neighbours,
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cases appropriate for such treatment ; (3) the choice of opera-
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hospital, board and washing provided, and an honorarium of
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Dr. O'Carroli, showed a girl, aged 20, the subject of multiple
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solution repeated during a varying number of days. The day
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-that our bretliren at the Antipodes should quarrel over it. Even the
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treated by hypodermic injections of thyroid extract, and now
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wrong man, and to get into grips with some doctor who has
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nine cases in which he has inoculated children with fresh
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Tlie salaries attaching to the above chairs are fixed on theunaerstanding
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own one father in Apollo ? Dr. Antoine Sabatier's Sonnets en
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I'educed, possibly from the small amount of animal food con-
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Sheffield; Herbert W. Knowles, M.R.C.S., St. Helens ; James
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sented himself, whereas in two sisters in whom the earliest
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raeaical committee at Calcutta, and also in selected hospitals, like Dr.
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Dr. Newton Pitt showed a man tlie subject of Pseudo-
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Dr. Haughton's estimate, the result of the Gulf Stream on
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hours with distilled water. The extract is poured off from
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aud secood yeirs, and wiih fuilder iuciease a*-cordiDg to proiuotioo,
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to underbid, and especially in the circumstances alluded to, would
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staff of officials, each of them well acquainted with the local circum-
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Johnson Smith, London ; Mr. P. Swain, Plymouth ; Mr. R. E. Sleman,
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free iodine is evolved from the potassium iodide, which is
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far death during the administration of anesthetics was likely
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*Frederick William Pavy, M.D., LL.D., F.R.S; *Thomas
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modification of Liston's long splint, and of the box splints for
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commence at £200 per annum, rising £25 a year to £250, with board,
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treatment of the poor. St. Bartholomew's is perhaps the most
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that too much cordial liberality cannot therefore be evinced by the
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collis ; the infant at birth is symmetrical ; the head becomes
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giant forms : there was very often more than one nucleus ; there was very
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granules themselves. For our purposes the action of the
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splendid example in that respect, large areas of unwholesome
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be produced by the so-called "Aminol" solutions," are
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