phasize the need of the introduction of sanitation into

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following wounds that covered over a large area and

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marked than in the cases which I have vaccinated with this matter. To

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talnlng direct evidence that tbe inoculation has been successful.

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From the Author. — A Lecture on Loxarthrus or Club foot; by Thomas D.

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several thousand times in a minute, and yet the intervals between the con-

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up each cavity separately, beginning with the antrum, which

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Xcwcomb, that the court should proceed with great care, to the

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9. These abscesses, once opened, either spontaneously or by art, degene-

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side of the thigh to the ham and leg. Pulse quick and full. The nature of

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drugs his patient irrationally, owing to his undue confidence in the adapta-

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consists of a perineal opening into the urethra and

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entering the lower portion, they are permitted to follow their natural course;

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ary duty at Fort Screvens, Ga., and assigned to duty at Fort Mc-

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on surgery will be presented to him, with a gold medal and a

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We have no reason to find fault with the general views on Medical Edu-

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ber of his county, state and the Amkbican Mkdicai, Associa-

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sure was applied, and within a week the tumour had completely disap-

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one who had in vain applied for relief to the general

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ting up a barrier to healthy menstruation, becoming a

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interference. For instance.. 2 of these were due to

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pains affected the various groups of muscles in the lower mem-

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never affects the stomach. Rest in bed is the only safeguard

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in its changes of volume. In talking the matier over with Mr. Christophers,

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if not the sole, part. Biedel in particular has called

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bility, four abscesses in dorsal and lumbar region ; Incision of dor-

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tario Asylum service for the pnst five years, has left for

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Case of Apparent Recovery from a Congenital Abnormality

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auricle and ventricle. Some of the blood of the right

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feature in the case. In making a diagnosis, attention should

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carbon dioxid, as there seoms to be an antagonism between

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the cases related by MiM. Rigaud, Clemot, Begin, Malgaigne, and myself,


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