adherent thereto. The facility Avith AA^hich the abdominal contents can be

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is joined to the dozen other hypotheses, stigmas, etc. !

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]);irts, circulation becomes feeble, there is a tendency to venous stagna-

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of lime, or of the so-called chemical food. Experience shoAvs that lime

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It is needless to say that this meteorism does not depend upon any

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troublesome ; it interferes with the ingestion and mastication of food, and

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cases being described ; many of these have been in quite young subjects.

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These two fatal cases seem to show that the membranes are passed

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suffering of eyes, head, and digestive organs, and who

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provide ; while, on the other hand, if the Red Cross

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for the safety of the organism, the more imperiously

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pain, being so often a referred or associated pain, does not indicate

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form is a hard, well-defined tumour usually invading the pylorus, having a

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but frequently, as in other parts of the alimentary canal, carcinoma pro-

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the other hand, usually emaciate, and the anterior abdominal parietes

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agreed that it was best to stay proceed- " nothing is the matter, only the place

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the condition which are probably the most conclusive are the peculiar

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complete resolution : in others the peritoneal inflammation became sub-

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Not that it is to be inferred, however, that they are of common occur-

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In the region of the right colon the abdomen was retracted. In a fourth

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an omental tumour or malignant disease of the peritoneum. The possi-

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slight distension the loop reaches to the umbilicus. As it becomes more

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limbs ; but if only my head will recover, they also will rapidly

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next year to be present at the graduation exercises.

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noticed, and occur in persons who were either in good health without

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then seizes them behind their jaws between his finger

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of the transverse colon may follow, and then a part of the altered

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has also a tendency to induce the disease in an acute form. A young

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According - to Dr. Mobius Professor Graefe of Halle

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matous (embryological) ; they commonly present indications of more than

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The part of the duodenum above the occlusion becomes dilated, and

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that an opening should be made in the distended bowel and the contents

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pleurisy as well as ulcerative colitis. In acute cases the first attack may

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few months, or even less. It is probable that the disease is then fairly

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act as irritants, and that scybalous masses may frequently give rise to

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this form of obstruction is very high. Internal hernias are considered

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Two views arc held of the origin of the lining membrane of the

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